(Last Updated On: July 8, 2021)

If you intend to import customized products, it is likely that you will purchase an injection mold fabricated in China.

Here at Sidotek Technology, we would like you to make an informed decision before purchasing molds and products. This is why we offered this Injection Mold Buying Guide to help you make that decision.

An injection mold is critical to your new project, which may take months or even years to accomplish. So you want to ensure that you are picking the correct one to bring your idea and project from concept to reality.

1. Before Start

When is a customized mold in need?

Mold is a hollow container used to give shape to molten or hot liquid when it cools and hardens.

The shape of water inside a round cup is a cylinder, while in a square cup it becomes a cuboid. A mold functions like this cup.

If you want to make a custom-designed product or make changes to an existing product, you will need a mold. Different product materials and structures require different types of molds.

Injection molds work for most of the plastic products.

2. Product analysis and offer

How do I prepare for an RFQ?

The preparation work depends on your requirements for the product.

The simplest way is just to send us your:

  1. product design
  2. order quantity
  3. product working conditions

Then we will take care of all the rest work, which ranges from material choice, design analysis, mold design and fabrication, product mass production and final delivery, even door to door delivery from China to your place if needed.

If you are or working with an engineer, detailed request of mold materials, brands and types, mold structure requirements will be followed accordingly to offer you the quote. Your specification and information about molds will be accomplished by our professional engineering team.

How long does the quote take?

It usually takes 2 days or less for a quote. More time may take for a very complex project.

Before quoting, your product design will be checked preliminarily in the consideration of mold and product manufacturability. Suggestions may be offered if there is something needs modifications.

How much should I pay for the mold?

The mold price depends on the mold material, part size, and complexity, etc. For a simple prototype injection mold, the price can be as low as $850.

But for bigger or more complex products, or with higher demands for product tolerance, the mold price can be $30,000 or higher. Better molds have longer mold lifespan and shots.

Injection mold pricing: 6 factors to consider in an injection mold cost

3. Mold design

How long does the mold design take?

It usually takes one week for mold design. More time may take for a complex product. The mold design will be offered to you for approval before we start the fabrication.

What is DFM?

Design for manufacturing (DFM) analysis is a core issue before we start to fabricate the mold for you. This is offered for you to see what we analyze and how we are going to make the mold. It will be sent for your approval and also modified according to your comments until satisfaction.

Below is a DFM analysis sample with the details of general information, parting line, mold design layout, ejector pins marks, shrinkage analysis, core lifter & cavity lifter, slide, mold cooling, shut-off conditions, and other issues.


( DFM Analysis )

4. Mold fabrication

How can I manage the mold making but I’m not in China?

Most buyers work in their own countries while purchasing molds from China. It is important to know how your supplier is doing for your product. No news is not always good news. To let you know well the rate of our progress, a weekly mold status report will be sent with photos and videos of the mold. It includes the fabrication schedule from start to finish steps. You have them all in control. 

How long does it take to fabricate a mold?

The lead time depends on the mold size and complexity. A smaller or simple design mold takes around 30 days, while a larger and complex mold can take 40 days or more.

How can I deal with the mold test?

Once an injection mold is finished, it will be tested and adjusted. This is when trial samples are made. We will do the mold test and send a mold trial report for you to know how is your new mold working. Photos and videos are offered as well. Below is a mold trial report sample of Sidotek Technology.

5. Product production

How to control the quality of mass production?

Now it comes to the very expecting step that your mold is putting into production. The quality of products will be well controlled with the following inspections we do.

  1. First article inspection (FAI)

When your mold starts to produce, the first several pieces of products will be inspected and measured. The inspection result will be found in the report as below.

      2.   Spot checking inspection

During the production, your products in the workshop will be checked and measured each several hours. The records are kept as well.

6. Delivery

Who does the mold or product delivery?

If you don’t have a delivery partner, we can help. We can deliver your mold or products from China to your country port (price term CIF). Delivery of door to door service is also available for you.

How long will the delivery take?

It depends on the transportation method you choose. Usually, it takes 7 days delivered by air and about 25 days or more by sea.

Purchasing an injection mold or products is a complex work, but not for buying from us Sidotek Technology. With over 12 years of expertise in the mold industry, we worked with hundreds of projects successfully. It is our best comforts to see your project we work together becomes successful and brings you a lot of profits.

Get started for your project, contact us today at info@sidotek.com.

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