(Last Updated On: July 8, 2021)

A common question for many customers to ask is “How much will an injection mold cost?” It makes sense. There are variables that influence the cost of an injection mold. Here is our pricing guide to help you understand better when making a mold purchasing decision.

The following chart helps to get a general idea of how various the mold cost might be. Please inform that the cost can change based on your part complexity, part size, mold style, etc.

4 Complexity levels:
Low-Complexity Part / Med-Complexity Part / High-Complexity Part / Large Part.

2 Mold styles:
Prototype Mold(1,000 parts) / Production Mold in 2 quantities: A(50,000 parts), B(1,000,000 parts).

Sidotek Technology provides high-quality injection molds that start at $850.

6 Factors to consider in an injection mold cost

1. Mold Style

(1) Prototype Mold
Good for minimal production under 1000 parts.

Prototype mold is built mainly for a part test, or for low-volume orders.
It is cheaper and faster than a production mold.

(2) Production Mold
Good for mass production from 1,000+ to 1,000,000 parts+.

Once the part design is determined, we can build a production mold to operate much more economically.
Our production molds are provided with a lifespan from 50,000 parts to 1,000,000+ parts by using different mold steels such as P20, 718H, NAK 80, H13, etc.

2. Part Complexity

Part complexity refers to the amount of detailed geometry your part requires, such as the number of undercuts, dimensional tolerance, gating, etc.
Intricate part designs require elaborate mold designs, which generally increase the tool cost.

3. Part Size

Sidotek Technology’s max run size is 2,500 x 1,000mm and smaller. Larger parts require bigger molds, which generally increases the mold cost.

4. Lead Time

Lead time refers to the beginning of mold fabrication to the first trial part.

The standard lead time for prototype mold is 4 weeks,

and quicker in 2 weeks with an expedited fee. The standard lead time for production mold is 4 to 8 weeks, and 4-6 weeks if expedited.

5. Part Surface Finish

Surface finish plays a critical role

in both functionalities as well as the cosmetic look and feel, especially for exposed parts rather than hidden parts. You can choose the part surface to be polished, semi-polished, matt, textured, etc.

6. Molding Material

The molding material should be well selected to meet the applications’ physical and chemical requests. If the material is corrosive or volatile, it will increase the mold fabrication and maintenance costs.

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